If you dreamed of seeing the alphabet in order, perhaps things are starting to make sense in your waking hours right now. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

You may have had a period of confusion, however things are now more ordered and in the right sequence so you are feeling settled. 

If the alphabet was out of sequence, perhaps you are concerned about things not going the way you want them to. 

A few letters out of place might indicate a small fix to get your life back on track. With that said, if all the letters were jumbled up perhaps your life requires more attention and focus to return it to a healthy state. 

An alphabet in reverse suggests you need to look to your past to find clues about your present or future. 

Which letters stood out to you? If there were a few that were more prominent than others, consider if they have any significance to you. Did they spell out a name or a place if you put them together?

To teach a small child the alphabet could be a reflection of your life as it stands if you are teaching your little one the alphabet or indeed other key information as they grow. 

To teach an adult the alphabet might be telling you that you have something valuable to share with someone in your life. 

Try to remember who was in the dream with you as this may be the very person you can impart your wisdom on and who needs your epxertise.

To see only part of the alphabet suggests there is something absent from your life. Perhaps you are making efforts to get this thing or person back, or maybe you are struggling to fill in the missing pieces.

If you saw that the beginning of the alphabet was not there, it’s possible you need to return to your roots to find what you seek. 

A gap in the middle might mean the bulk or substance of something is gone or needs fleshing out and the end suggests that there is a lack of completion somewhere in your life. Something needs to come to a conclusion. 

To see an alphabet could simply mean that you need to go back to basics. You are over complicating something and you just need to strip it back to its raw state first and build it back up from there. 

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