To dream about the number four suggests that you have some stability in your life right now.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

Perhaps you have experienced some instability lately and you finally feel that your life is on an even keel again.

When you see this number in a dream it generally means that something negative has left your life or been removed.

This could also mean a person too. It’s possible there was someone in your waking hours who was unstable, and their unsteadiness was affecting how you felt about yourself and your own life.

They may no longer be in your social or family circle if they have recently moved away or you have grown apart from one another. You might be feeling a sense of relief now they are absent.

Consider the other things that have recently gone too. Perhaps your life was chaotic up until recently or unpredictable because of your actions, habits or words. Now there may be a sense of calm in your world after all this turmoil.

The number four also represents balance- many animals need four legs to stay balanced and tables and chairs require four legs to stay upright.

The dream could be a reflection of a new-found equilibrium in your life. Perhaps, more generally, you have finally got your work-life balance in check. Maybe you are now dedicating more time to a passion you’ve wanted to explore for a while or spending more time with someone special. It’s possible you are dedicating more of your day to your own needs too.

On the flipside, the dream could be mirroring your desire for more stability. If you feel a lack of control over your life at present- your subconscious could be urging you to find your way back into the driver’s seat again.

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