Dreaming of the number seven suggests recovery after a period of negativity in your life. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

You are finally getting things back on track and you are slowly removing any bad feeling or atmosphere that is still lingering after these events. 

It might also mean that you are letting go of beliefs that are stripping you of any positivity. Similarly, you may be loosening the grip on a habit that has affected your wellbeing for some time. 

Consider the phrase ‘seven year itch’- are you getting bored or tired of a relationship you are in- romantic or otherwise? 

The saying might also refer to feelings of intolerance towards something you have done for a long time. 

Perhaps you have grown tired of a hobby that no longer brings you joy, a job that no longer challenges you or a tradition that has little or no significance to you anymore. 

If you feel this way, it might be time to walk away from whatever isn’t serving you the way it once did.

Think about each of the seven deadly sins; pride, greed, wrath, sloth, envy, gluttony and lust. 

Are you guilty of any of these? Are you lusting after someone you shouldn’t be?

Do you envy those around you who are more successful than you? 

Do you overindulge while eating instead of taking in just enough?

Are you greedy with your time, your money and the things you own? 

Are you too proud to tell someone how you really feel or to turn your hand to something because you feel it’s beneath you? 

Are you angry at someone or something without good reason and thus failing to let the rage go? 

Finally, are you lazy and refuse to make an effort in any area of your life?

If any of these sound familiar or you can attribute one of the sins to something else going on in your life, it might be time to cleanse your system of one or more before they consume you altogether.

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Perhaps you are having bad thoughts about a person or a situation. Maybe you are experiencing something at present that is not pleasant. It’s possible you are behaving badly right now and you are aware of the consequences of your actions. If so, how can you put it right? Or reduce the temptation to continue? Whatever the reason for the pessimism in your life, the dream might be your subconscious telling you to try and turn things around. .. to read more click HERE 

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