To dream about the world suggests that something in your waking hours means everything to you right now.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Consider who or what was in the dream with your for additional meaning. This could be the person or thing that is precious to you at present.

The dream might be an opportunity to ask yourself if this person or thing deserves so much of yourself. 

Are the feelings you have all consuming and making you ignore other arguably important things in your life? It may be time to get some perspective. 

On the other hand, should something mean the world to you and it doesn’t? If this is the reality and how you genuinely feel, it may be time to be honest and let whatever it is go. 

Similarly, if someone in your life has become meaningless, your relationship may have to come to an end. 

The word world means the earth along with all of its countries and people- so the dream could be telling you to be more inclusive- to look more widely and take a broader view of things. 

It’s possible you are focusing on one single part of a project or task and need to take a bird’s eye view of this situation to give it more clarity and a greater chance of success. 

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The dream could be telling you to be more worldly. Perhaps you have wrapped yourself in cotton wool and not experienced much of the world. 

It may be time to get out there and explore what there is to offer in other cultures and countries. 

Similarly, if someone else is trying to shield you from the world, do you need to let them know that you yearn for some freedom and flexibility?

Perhaps your world has come crashing down on you lately and you are piecing your life back together. 

The dream might be telling you to keep going- that you will heal and assemble a sense of normality again- it will just take time. 

If you feel like everything is about to crumble around you- is there anything you can do to minimise the damage?

Along the same vein, does something threaten to turn your world upside down? 

If so, is it worth letting it shake things up a bit or will it most certainly end in disaster?

Consider the phrase ‘brave new world’- perhaps due to some recent changes, there is new hope for you in the future. 

You might need to be brave but it will be worth a brief period of discomfort. 

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Baklava is made from layer upon layer of thin dough so it could mean that you need to pull back the layers on something in your waking hours. Perhaps someone has just scratched the surface with you and you need to keep shedding the layers in order to let them in. On the other hand, maybe you are the one who is revealing new things with every layer you strip away from someone else. The dream could be telling you to persist as they will come to trust you with every new piece they reveal to you… to read more click HERE 

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