To dream about your mother in law depends on whether you get on with your own mother in law in your waking hours. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

If you don’t, dreaming about your mother in law could be a sign that you are making compromises in your life at present. 

Compromises that you don’t necessarily want to make but feel compelled to as it will work out better in the long run. With that said, these settlements might be making you question whether the long run is actually worth it.  

Another thought is that you are having to give something up in order to have something else that you really want. It’s admittedly a sacrifice you are willing to make because the person or thing you want far outweighs those you are giving up from your old life. 

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Mother in laws get a lot of bad press and stereotypes, one of which is that they interfere in their child’s married life. 

If this is true of your mother in law, the dream could represent another area of your life where you feel there are too many people involved who aren’t welcome. 

Perhaps you need to tell someone that their advice or their presence is superfluous and to politely back off. 

Mother in laws in dreamscapes are thought to be a sign of frustration and disappointment in your waking hours- which is even more appropriate if these feelings arise when you think of your own. 

Perhaps everything was going fine until a new person showed up in your waking life and spoiled your vision of the future. Maybe you are frustrated that you don’t see eye to eye with someone in your waking hours. 

Think about the bigger picture- could you learn to accept these idiosyncrasies and are you willing to bend a little on how you saw your future panning out? 

If you get on with your mother in law, perhaps you feel a positive situation in your life has an added bonus that you weren’t expecting. If so, great- enjoy the additional perks. 

Similarly, if you have a healthy relationship with your mother in law, the dream could be related to how lucky you feel to have an extended family. If you value family or come from a broken home, you might be all too happy to invite others into your existing family unit. 

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