Highlander Special Edition Blu-Ray

Highlander Special Edition Blu-Ray

1985 New York City; the Battle to end all battles.

The last remaining Immortals gather together to fight to the death: decapitation alone can kill them, and victor alone can lay claim to The Prize.

Amongst the contestants is Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert), who fought his first battle in 1536 on the highlands of Scotland, and his most feared opponent, the evil Kurgan (Clancy Brown) who was responsible for the death of MacLeod’s mentor, the swordsman Ramirez (Sean Connery).

Also starring Roxane Hart, Jon Polito, Sheila Gish and Celia Imrie, The film was directed by Russell Mulcahy (Swimming Upstream, The Real McCoy) and features an original score by Michael Kamen and Queen.

Highlander Special Edition Blu-Ray is out now.