The UK Box Office number one, I Am Legend, launches in spectacular style on Blu-ray and DVD from 21st April 2008, available in both single and double disc format. The two-disc DVD introduces a new technology ‘Digital Copy’ to the UK - the first ever digital downloading service for a movie, which enables people to download the complete movie direct from the DVD disc to their PC. The Blu-ray and two-disc DVD also includes the much hyped alternative ending - making I Am Legend this year’s most exciting Home Entertainment release!Directed by Francis Lawrence (Constantine) and starring the talented and much-admired Will Smith, I Am Legend is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller adapted from the highly acclaimed novel of the same name by Richard Matheson.Set in New York City, I Am Legend follows the struggle of Robert Neville a brilliant army virologist who is the last human survivor on earth following the spread of a man-made and incurable virus.While most of the population perished when the contagious superbug took hold, a small number of people transformed into vile vampire-like mutants, The Infected, a breed of vicious and bloodthirsty monsters, bearing no human resemblance, who fear the light.

Three years since the demise of civilisation, Neville finds himself in a race to discover a cure to save humanity by experimenting on his own immune blood to reverse the effects, while dealing with consistent loneliness and isolation.

As The Infected begin to focus their attentions on Neville, a cure is looking less and less likely with every trial.

How long can he continue his grueling daily regime of sending out desperate radio messages in the hope of making contact with other survivors? More importantly, alone and isolated, how long can he preserve his sanity and how will it all end?

Prepare for exhilarating and heart pounding viewing as Neville struggles to keep The Infected at bay.

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