Meet Monica Velour

Meet Monica Velour

Geeky Tobe Hulbert’s (newcomer Dustin Ingram) life sucks. A recent high-school graduate living in Washington with his grandfather (Brian Dennehy The Next Three Days), he works out of a vintage hot dog truck, and his only friend is his overweight 12-year-old neighbour.

In the dog-days of summer, his only escape is obsessively watching videos of his fantasy girl, '80's porn star Monica Velour (Kim Cattrall Sex and the city).

In this irreverent comedy, awkward teenager Tobe sets off on a life-changing road trip, set against a '30s jazz soundtrack and Indiana's expansive cornfields, as he travels across the state to meet Monica Velour, the woman of his dreams at a rare live appearance hundreds of miles away.

Expecting his fantasy, Tobe is instead confronted with a harsh reality: Monica is a 49-year-old mum who lives in a trailer park, and her life is nothing like he imagined it would be.

The last thing Monica needs is another complication in her life, but Tobe is determined to do whatever it takes to get close to her.

Kim Cattrall gives a career-defining performance in this offbeat and endearing love story that appeals to the dreamer, and the nerd, in all of us.

Meet Monica Velour is out now