Prepare to feel the fear When Darkness Falls, in a new tense, thrilling horror thriller that sees a friends’ trek in the Scottish Highlands turn into a terror-fuelled trip.

When Darkness Falls

When Darkness Falls

Directed by Nathan Shepka (Lock & Load, Holiday Monday) and written by Tom Jolliffe (Renegades), this pulse-pounding feature is set to arrive on digital on 2 October, courtesy of Miracle Media Limited.

While hiking across the beautiful – yet brutal – Scottish Highlands, American friends Jess and Andrea split up and it soon becomes apparent that Andrea has disappeared. As Jess frantically searches for her missing friend, things suddenly take a twisted turn.

Not knowing who she can trust and desperate to find her friend, Jess finds herself in grave danger. Can she save her friend or will they both perish When Darkness Falls?


On UK digital on 2 October from Miracle Media Limited

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