It doesn’t feel like two minutes since we were mourning the finale of Love Island 2018.

But it’s crazy how time flies, and it’s recently been announced that the dating show will recommence for the new series on June 3rd - and well, everyone’s going crazy.

Of course, not us, we’re super cool about it all. Cool, cool, cool. We won’t be spending every night over the Summer tuning into ITV and tweeting extensively about the Islanders… Ok, so yeah we’re lying. We are definitely going to be doing that. And it seems like we’re not the only ones.

Here are the best reactions on Twitter to ITV’s announcement.

We’ll only have time for Love Island after 9pm. Sorry, not sorry.

Yep, same. We hope you enjoy the running commentary!

It’s fair to say we did a happy dance, too…

When one door closes, another opens!