The gambling sector is one that is constantly evolving. This can be seen in the way online casino games have grown in popularity over recent years.

The online casino sector is flourishing, with a multi-billion dollar revenue per year and millions of people who love to gamble at internet casinos worldwide. One other big change in the gambling scene in recent years has been the increased number of women who now enjoy this hobby. Compared to the past, many more women are now involved in gambling and feel comfortable playing games for money.

Female First: Gambling

Female First: Gambling

But why is this and what is the psychology behind women who like to gamble?

Why are more women into modern-day gambling? 

The increasing number of women who gamble can be seen when you look at recent industry stats. A 2018 report by the UK Gambling Commission found for example, that up to 40% of iGaming players are female. This is a large number and shows just how many women in the modern world now feel comfortable gambling online. It is not just games like Bingo either – many women now play games more associated with male players, such as roulette. But what lies behind this shift towards more females gambling?

In general terms, it is the availability of online casinos and mobile play that has attracted more women into the gambling sector. Most females do not enjoy the land-based casino experience and do not like being in a smoke-filled room with mainly male players in the early hours of the morning. This naturally resulted in them previously participating less in gambling than men. The best modern internet casinos eliminate this issue and allow women to gamble from the comfort of their own homes.

Convenience and female-facing casinos help

A 2003 study found that women have consistently less free time than men, constantly rushing around with work or family life. This often leaves them unable to be free for gambling in person, when land-based casinos are open. Due to this, they will often turn to other forms of entertainment, such as the latest series of I'm a Celebrity....Get Me Out of Here! or other top TV shows. Online sites, however, are there whenever busy women have a spare few minutes, at any time of the day or night.

As noted above, mobile play is also something that most women value. All major casino sites now have mobile-friendly games to play, which has brought more women into the sector. When you factor in the extra effort that internet casinos make to cater to female players, in terms of design and promotions, it is easy to see why so many more women gamble now. 

Women and gambling – what is the psychology behind it?

Although we have looked at how the sector has changed to have a greater appeal to women in recent years, it is still important to look at the psychology behind women and gambling. This plays a key role in making gambling attractive to women and explains why it is now so popular with so many.

One important psychological aspect to factor in is the importance of social gambling to this demographic. This offers the chance to interact with other people and turn the whole experience into something more than just trying to win money. Online casinos are actually very good at this, as they offer live games where players can interact with the dealer. Specific online bingo sites even offer a community feel and allow you to chat with other people as you play. All this caters to the need for social gaming, which most women desire.

What other psychological gaming traits do most women show?

Psychology is also significant when it comes to the type of online casino games women normally like to try. It is usually true that women value fun games that give plenty of excitement and are not too heavy on strategy. This is because many women are looking for an enjoyable escape from their daily lives when gambling and prefer games that provide this. 

This need to find a fun break from normal life is not only key psychologically for how women pick casino games to play, it also explains why they get involved with gambling to begin with. Logging on to gamble at internet casinos allows women to find an easy, quick way to destress from their daily life. It gives them a safe place to go and forget about their problems – even if only for a short while.

Gambling online is attractive to women 

The increased number of women who gamble online certainly suggests that more females are enjoying this way of killing time. While the industry itself and the nature of online play helps, the psychology of why women like to gamble is also important. As the above shows, why and how they play is often different to men.