America Ferrera

America Ferrera

America Ferrera was inspired to reconnect with her roots by visiting her parents' birthplace in Honduras for the first time after filming a harrowing documentary in India.

After the trip, it was really hard to come back to real life

The actress helped investigate child prostitution in India for Half the Sky Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, which also features Olivia Wilde highlighting women's issues in Kenya.

Ferrera now reveals her trip to India encouraged her to team up with charity group the One Campaign to help out in her parents' native Honduras.

During a screening of the film in New York, Ferrera told the audience, "After the trip, it was really hard to come back to real life. Mainly I know I am not immune to something we all feel - which is to feel something so passionately, so deeply, see a way that you can make a difference, then come back to your real life and forget.

"I tried as hard as I could to do something in the moment... based on this trip... Something that is near to my heart is that my parents are from Honduras. But I was born in the United States and I'd never been to my own home in Honduras.

"I went with the One Campaign, I asked them to shine a light on women and girls in Honduras and I just got back from that trip... What I have learned is that everyone around the world wants to be loved and to be able to protect ourselves and our families, and in the end nothing else matters".