Daniel Craig hates Los Angeles. The new James Bond actor has revealed he despises the US metropolis and doesn't think it is a "proper" city. He told Elle magazine: "Los Angeles may be a good place to visit, but it's also a good place to get out of. "It doesn't feel like a proper city. Perhaps I shouldn't have said that - I'm going to get hate mail now." Craig - who makes his debut as the British spy in new movie 'Casino Royale', which is released in November - also says the city has no social scene and he hates attending huge showbiz parties there. He moaned: "You can't party in Los Angeles. Everything closes at 10 o'clock! The studios made that happen to stop actors staying in bars until three o'clock in the morning. Everybody parties at home." Craig added: "I choose my friends very carefully and I prefer small gatherings to large parties."

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