Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig was feeling "grumpy" on the day he filmed a James Bond sketch with Britain's Queen Elizabeth II for the Olympics Opening Ceremony because he was using his day off to take part in the shoot.

The actor was filmed in character visiting Buckingham Palace to meet with the royal before climbing into a helicopter together and appearing to parachute into London's Olympic Stadium during the extravaganza in July (12).

Craig reveals he used a day off from shooting new 007 movie Skyfall to film the sequence - and as a result, he wasn't on top form.

He is quoted by Britain's Daily Mirror as saying, "She was fun, incredibly game. We had a short space of time and I was a bit grumpy as it was my day off and suddenly I am at the Palace with the Queen at her private chamber. "And she improvises a little bit.

She was supposed to be sitting at the desk and she asked if she could write, so she pretended to write".