Angie Bowie

Angie Bowie

Angie Bowie has confirmed the myth she once tried outto play TV's Wonder Woman.

The ex-model, who was married to the rocker for eight years in the 70s,knew she didn't really have a chance of landing the leading role - but she agreed to audition anyway.

She tells, "I tried out but it was already given to Lynda Carter; the agent was one of the producers and Lynda was his girlfriend. They gave me an audition because they wanted to have an excuse for me to go on Johnny Carson and promote The Midnight Special, which David (Bowie) did for Wolfman Jack.

"The whole thing was a little nerve wracking because I was 22. I believed that I had an opportunity, but when I went to the auditions to the network the wardrobe people told me I was gonna wear a bra and I laughed in their faces and said, 'No, no, no, you got the wrong person.' Then one ofthe writers actually propositioned me.

"I hated Hollywood; it was just really unpleasant. They were very nasty, a bunch of chauvinistic pigs. Women were purely decorative".

But Angie, who once bought up the rights to play Scarlett Johansson's Avengers character Black Widow with a view of portraying her on film, insists she did help inspire Carter's Wonder Woman.

She adds, "In the actual series Wonder Woman's costume was going to be done in a white cashmere sweater and Levis.

"Before I left London (to cometo Los Angeles) David introduced me to a marvellous costume artist, called Natasha Korniloff; she made me a Wonder Woman costume which Terry O'Neill then photographed.

"So I arrived with photographs and had lunch with Stan Lee and his wonderful wife Victoria.

"After it all fell through we realised that Lynda Carter was the choice.

"But they had seen the photographs and after that theychanged the entire premise of Lynda Carter turning into Wonder Woman".