Harrison Ford Keeps His Politics To Himself.Harrison Ford refuses to discuss his politics in public - because he thinks it's uncouth for people to share their thoughts with the masses.The actor, a Vietnam War conscientious objector, is often asked for his opinion on the war in Iraq and US President GEORGE W BUSH's term, but he always feels it's best to stay silent on such matters.He explains, "I grew up in the mid-west. You don't ask what a person's religion is, you don't ask what their politics are, you don't ask how much money they make and I pretty much still have that attitude about it."It's none of anybody's business and I don't advantage anyone by telling them what my personal politics are... The arguments are much too subtle to be entered in that way, to my mind."There are things that I think are happening in he world that are egregious mistakes but I'm only operating out of my own box and I don't have any expertise. I'm a voter... I have one vote, that's all I should have."And he doesn't want people to think his opposition to the Vietnam War is a clear sign he's a pacifist: "I was a conscientious objector in the Vietnam War, but I didn't have an option, that was just the way I felt."

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