Harry Connick Jr

Harry Connick Jr

Harry Connick Jr was thrilled to learn he'd be playing an assistant district attorney on TV cop show Law and Order SUV - because the role gives him the chance to act like his dad.

The singeractor's father, Harry Connick, Sr. was New Orleans' District Attorney for 30 years.

The proud son says, "This is my first gig that required me to know details about his job. I asked him a lot of questions".

His new TV character, David Haden, plays Law and Order Special Victims Unit regular Mariska Hargitay's love interest, and he can only hope the character doesn't become a love cheat - because he can't stomach the idea of facing fans of the show in the street if he's not all good.

He tells TV Guide magazine, "I don't want to get caught cheating. I've got to walk down the street... I'd rather die than cheat".

Connick, Jr. admits fans of beloved sitcom Will and Grace gave him a hardtime when his character on that show cheated on Debra Messing's Grace.

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