David and Iman

David and Iman

David Bowie's wife, Somali supermodel Iman, is urging world leaders to take a stand against pirates from her homeland, and stop paying out millions of dollars in ransom money.

The 53-year-old beauty, whose father served as Somali's ambassador to Saudi Arabia, is stunned pirates are getting away with raids on oil tankers, and blames her homeland's lack of central government for the growing problem.

According to the foreign minister of Somali's southern neighbour, Kenya, pirates have received over $150 million (GBP102 million) in ransom money between November 2007 and the end of 2008.

Iman tells the New York Daily News, "Paying their ransom sends the wrong message. The Somalis do not lack audacity.

Unfortunately, they haven’t put it to good use - like putting a government together."