Jay Kay is going to appear as a guest judge on the French 'Pop Idol'.The Jamiroquai frontman has agreed to appear on the TV talent show to promote his band's new singles album 'High Times', but says he is worried about looking a "lemon".He said: "I've got to do a TV show in France next week. It's their version of 'Pop Idol', apparently. Everybody does it, I'm told - like that makes it credible."At the end of the show, the idol comes on and sings a song with you."I mean, I'm thinking, get out of here. I can't imagine what kind of lemon I'm going to look like."Despite his own reservations about the show, the 36-year-old singer has to go through with it or face the wrath of his management company.He added: "If I don't do it I'm a naughty boy and I'll get my wrist slapped. I'm nearly 37, but I'm still a naughty boy - a terrible handful!"

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