Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay feels so trapped by stardom he wishes he could disappear.The singer has become so absorbed with his work that it has taken over his Buckinghamshire manor meaning he no longer has a "home" to escape to, and he can't go out without being hounded by paparazzi.He said: "What with the office and the recording studio my place has started to become 70 per cent office and only 30 per cent home."Sometimes I feel so f***ing trapped. Sometimes I really want to just go. Literally get in the car and go, 'See, ya.' Just disappear."The 36-year-old singer also hates being famous because he feels as though his life has become public property.He added: "I know I'm supposed to get up every day and go, 'God, look at this great garden, I'm so lucky', but I can't. Everybody wants a piece of you and sometimes you just don't want to give a piece away."

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