Russell Brands Sexy  Vegetables

Russell Brands Sexy Vegetables

Kristen Bell Upset About Brand's Sexy Vegetarian Title....

Heroes star Kristin Bell enjoyed a little 'healthy' competition with her new movie lover Russell Brand - after realising they had both been named the sexiest vegetarians.Bell and Brand discovered they have a lot in common while they were making new comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall.But the actress was left sore when she realised she was sharing a coveted People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (Peta) honour with her co-star.She tells Wenn, "Russell has been a vegetarian for the same amount of time as me."I've been a vegetarian for 17 years and we used to have little arguments because we were both dubbed Sexiest Vegetarian In The World."But I checked out the record books and his is only Sexiest Vegetarian in the U.K. I politely threw that in his face for most of the movie."He got to throw it back at me when I lost my title this year to Carrie Underwood and he kept his title in the U.K. So that's what I get for getting cocky about eating sexy vegetables!" The pair also shared a love of yoga, which came in useful for their love-making scenes.