Morgan Freeman flies himself to work.The 70-year-old actor says it's "exhilarating" to make the 1,800 mile-commute from his Mississippi home to work in Hollywood in his twin-engine, seven-seater light aircraft.He told Britain's Independent newspaper: "I had my flight training three years ago in Clarksdale near my home and now I'm high-flying. I fly from home to Los Angeles at 23,000 feet, solo in my own Cessna 414 aircraft."It's exhilarating travelling at 270mph and a great way to get to work."The 'Se7en' star previously revealed he once dreamt of being a fighter pilot.He said: "When I was 18 I joined the air force so I could be a fighter pilot. That was my dream but I didn't last long. "The problem was me and the military weren't compatible. I question authority, and there are some ignorant people in the military."

Morgan is not the only Hollywood star to enjoy flying.

'Pulp Fiction' star John Travolta is a certified pilot and the owner of five aeroplanes, including a Boeing 707 airliner.

The 53-year-old actor has his own runway which leads right up to the door of his $4.9 million mansion in Ocala, Florida.

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