DOHERTY: 'I WAS A GAY RENT BOY AND DRUG DEALER'Troubled rocker PETE DOHERTY has shocked fans by boasting he worked as a homosexual prostitute and drug dealer to fuel his drug addictions, before he shot to fame in his former band THE LIBERTINES.The wild singer confesses he was so desperate for money to fund his cocaine and heroin habits, he worked as a rent boy and once robbed a gay client after tying him up at his home.Doherty, who now fronts new band BABYSHAMBLES, also admits he hid bundles of $95 (£50) notes in a fridge to set up illegal drug deals.He says in his new biography KIDS IN THE RIOT: HIGH AND LOW WITH THE LIBERTINES, written by pal PETE WALSH, "I was working in a bar, selling drugs, working on a building site, writing poetry in the graveyard shift at The King's Head - and I was wanking off old queens for like £20."I remember once being taken back to this mews house in Chelsea, right old f**king badger he was. It was a bit daft actually."As he slept, I locked him in his room, tied a pair of trousers over his head and nicked all these American dollar bills out of his drawer.

"He's probably still there, with an erection, listening to CLASSIC FM radio."

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