Pryor Biopic Gets Re-write.... The biopic of late comedian Richard Pryor is back on track after several script rewrites delayed the movie's production.Actor/comedian Mike Epps, who is slated to play Pryor in the new movie, says problems had been caused by family disagreements over the late comedian's assets, and disputes over the movie's angle.But Epps believes the new script will be an accurate portrayal of the late star's life as it's largely based on a memoir written by Pryor's daughter Rain.He says, "I think the previous script, which was a great script, was based off of a lot of the knowledge that people already knew about him."But this new script is coming from the perspective and eyes of the kids, Rain and Elizabeth, and so forth. So I think people are gonna get a whole other view of what Richard Pryor was thought of in his story."

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