Carey Lowell

Carey Lowell

Richard Gere's actress wife Carey Lowell initially rejected his plans to turn a farmhouse in upstate New York into a luxury inn as she feared he would leave her to do all the work.

The Pretty Woman actor and his Law and Order star wife restored the building in Westchester County and opened the Bedford Post Inn in 2009, but Lowell wasn't keen on the idea at first as Gere had so many movie projects in the works.

Gere tells Cnn, "She said no in the beginning. She said absolutely not".

Lowell adds, "It was crazy. It was a crazy thought. And to take it all on. And as I recall, Richard had to go off and shoot three movies... He basically abandoned me".

However, the couple decided to go ahead with the project and are glad they gave the building a new lease of life.

Gere adds, "It was a beautiful old building and it was just heartbreaking to see it fall apart..".

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