Romola Garai

Romola Garai

It was sort of a teen film about the Cuban revolution

The 2004 Dirty Dancing sequel left a bad taste in British actress Romola Garai's mouth - because it was not the film she signed up to make in 2002.

The Atonement star admits Dirty Dancing Havana Nights started out as a film about an American girl falling in love with a Cuban amid the country's revolution in the 1950s - but when it hit cinemas in 2004, it was not a project Garai was proud of.

She explains, "It was an odd experience because when I signed up to to do the film, it wasn't a sequel to Dirty Dancing. It was sort of a teen film about the Cuban revolution... and then they bought the rights to the title Dirty Dancing and attached it to the film, and then they had to change the film to accommodate the title".

And she tells the Los Angeles Times she wasn't old enough or experienced enough to challenge the new vision on the project "I was certainly not old enough or experienced enough or not supported enough to cope with the system at that time in my life".

The film, which co-starred Mexican actor Diego Luna, was not a hit at the box office and barely made back its $25 million (£15.6 million) budget.

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