JUDE LAW whisked SIENNA MILLER off for an evening at London hotel The Savoy last night (15SEP05), sparking fierce speculation their romance is back on. The pair were photographed coming out of the Wyndham's Theatre holding hands after Miller's performance in AS YOU LIKE IT, before they leaped into a waiting car which sped them straight to the glitzy hotel. An onlooker tells London newspaper the Evening Standard, "The two of them came out looking very relaxed and happy, hand in hand. "When they left she looked really coy but pleased and he basically looked very happy with himself - like he'd finally won her back. "Jude whisked her off to the Savoy." Meanwhile the nanny JUDE LAW had an affair with deeply regrets allowing their relationship to "get physical".DAISY WRIGHT has apologised to the actor's fiancee SIENNA MILLER, and wishes she had been more "manly" and rejected Law's advances. Wright says, "If I could go back I would not have got physical with Jude.

"This is a big mess I'm not proud of. I'm very sorry for hurting Sienna."

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