Tara Reid: 'give Me A Chance'.Notorious Hollywood party girl Tara Reid is begging the media to give her a chance to save her movie career, instead of portraying her as a drunk reveller.The actress insists the reputation given her by America's tabloids is beginning to affect her movie career - because Hollywood bigwigs believe everything they read about her.And she'd like the top magazines and tabloids to start focusing on the more positive things about her in an effort to help her climb back onto directors' wish lists.She says, "I work really hard. I don't just party. I work with charities, and I'm a huge family girl. I'm with my family every Sunday."I just bought my parents a house on the beach, three houses from mine."I'm sensitive, and I care what people write about me. I don't like that they make me look like an idiot. I'm not an idiot. I'm smart. I'm a lot smarter than people realise."I just want to act again. I'm more than they're letting me be. I need a chance. If I get that chance, people will see."

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