Tea Leoni's Sauna Sex Session Left Her Nauseous....

Actress Tea Leoni once suffered for sex - after getting intimate with husband David Duchovny in a sauna.The Fun With Dick & Jane star passed out after an energetic steamy sex session with The X-Files actor early on in their relationship.Duchovny recalls, "We were on a weekend getaway and it was up in Vancouver.We went to one of the islands and the place that I rented for the weekend had a sauna."It was really early in the relationship and we were just all over each other and the sauna wasn't going to stop me. I recovered pretty quickly. She got a little enervated".Meanwhile real life husband David Duchovny says: 'I'Ll Never Have Movie Sex With Leoni' Actor David Duchovny hates the idea of shooting a sex scene with his real-life wife Tea Leoni because he thinks the idea of married people making love onscreen is disturbing.The former X-Files star admits he has always gone out of his way to avoid working with Leoni altogether but insists he'd never entertain a sex scene with her.He says, "We've been pretty good at that so far, mostly because she doesn't want to work with me.

"But honestly, we try not to work together because we feel like our relationship is kind of sacrosanct. But I can't imagine what would be worse than watching people that actually have sex have sex on camera. I can't imagine a creepier thing.

"So I wouldn't want to inflict that on you, and I wouldn't want to inflict it upon my relationship either. I think Tea's just a terrific actress, and if I wasn't married to her, I would want to work with her all the time".

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