Hazzard Car Goes Back On Sale.... The Dukes Of Hazzard star John Schneider has relisted the TV show's famous 'General Lee' car on auction website eBay after a previous winning bidder failed to pay up.Earlier this month (May07), California-based William Fisher bid $9.9 million (£4.95 million) to drive off with the car but missed the first payment deadline.Schneider, who is selling off the famous Dodge Charger vehicle he drove in The Dukes Of Hazzard to pay for the sequel to his movie Collier & Co - Hot Pursuit, filed a "failure to pay" complaint with eBay.The actor is placing General Lee back on eBay on Saturday (19May07), and has hired the services of a private company to pre-approve all bidders.A percentage of the proceeds from the sale will go towards Pepperdine University's Boone Center For The Family in California.