Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise's coffee cup is up for auction.

Thus, this glass is false, only buy if they want to be deceived [sic]

A Brazilian website is selling the container reportedly used by the 'Valkyrie' actor while on holiday in Forte da Urca, Brazil.

So far the empty cup has a sale price of $2,200.

The person who set up the auction on website Mercado Libre - who goes by the screen name Rafael Mak - includes pictures of him picking the Matte Leao cup out of a rubbish bin and the disposable cup sealed in a plastic bag.

The authenticity of the sale has, however, been contested. Underneath the advert, a poster has written a message claiming they have the real cup used by Tom, and the auction is fake.

The post reads: "I would like to inform all potential buyers that this ad is false, because I got the glass [sic], and not put the sale [sic], because I am an unconditional fan of Tom Cruise from Top Gun. Thus, this glass is false, only buy if they want to be deceived [sic]."

Tom was in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, last week with wife Katie Holmes - where he slipped up by greeting reporters in Spanish rather than the national language, Portuguese.

Tom Cruise is not the first celebrity to see his rubbish auctioned off.In December, US TV station NBC sold a tissue used by Scarlett Johansson when she appeared on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno', raising $5,300 for charity.

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