CRUISE'S NOBEL GIG CAUSES CONTROVERSY Religious leaders in Scandinavia are outraged by the decision to chose scientologist star TOM CRUISE to co-host the 2004 NOBEL PEACE PRIZE concert in Norway. Cruise and OPRAH WINFREY will take to the stage together on 11 December (04) in Oslo to present the star-studded event - which will be broadcast live around the world.But many are concerned Cruise will use the event to promote the controversial religion and have called on the NOBEL INSTITUTE to withdraw their offer to the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE star, according to website the scoop .com.KARL-ERIK NYLUND, a priest from Stockholm, Sweden, says, "They're a manipulative sect that takes over people's lives and finances. Cruise isn't going to be there as a missionary. But it's difficult to separate the artist TOM CRUISE from Scientology Tom Cruise."But Nobel Institute director GEIR LUNDESTAD defends the decision: "We're obviously aware that Tom Cruise is a Scientologist but that's not why we chose him. We chose him because he's a known person who is interested in the Nobel Peace Prize and we're proud that we have him."Get the low down on your favorite Celebrity, all the Gossip, all the News

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