COLLETTE DEFENDS HER SWITCH FROM ACTING TO ROCK Actress-turned-singer TONI COLLETTE refuses to apologised for her change in career, insisting she is an accomplished musician who has been playing since childhood. Rock band TONI COLLETTE AND THE FINISH, which includes her drummer husband DAVE GALAFASSI, release debut album BEAUTIFUL AWKWARD PICTURES next year (06). Collette says, "I know you hear about actors wanting to be rock stars, and it sounds like a nightmare, but I've been singing since I was little. It's been a long time coming, and I don't apologise." And the MURIEL'S WEDDING actress is thrilled to escape the constricting nature of Hollywood movies. She adds, "With acting, you're always part of someone else's dream, someone else's game. This is all mine. "I have complete control, so it's much more personal because of that, and much more satisfying. It's just another way of expressing myself."

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