Actor CHARLIE HUNNAM accidentally gave a stuntwoman on the set of his new film PACIFIC RIM a black eye three days before her wedding after smacking her in the face during a fight scene.

You're a world champion in seven different fighting styles

The Sons of Anarchy star trained for the action sequences in Guillermo del Toro's new sci-fi epic at the renowned Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts in Marina Del Rey, California, which is run by Bruce Lee's former trainer, and he was so worried about harming his co-star, Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi, for real, he asked to face off against her stunt double.

However, Hunnam proved to be too fast for Kikuchi's stand-in and he ended up striking her across the face, leaving her with a massive bruise days before she was due to get married.

He tells WENN, "Rinko and I did the vast majority of that (fight sequence). Sometimes, when it was my coverage, I asked to do it with her double because I was so nervous of hurting Rinko. We were really going for it and with those sticks (hand bows) it's gonna go bad. "I actually did it with her double, who is the world champion in seven different techniques of weapons fighting and the fastest striker in the world, and she was faster than a rattlesnake, but not fast enough for me! She was getting married three days after...

doing this fight scene.

There's a moment when I throw like a spear stick and she's supposed to duck it and after 10 hours (of shooting) she just didn't duck it fast enough and I slammed the stick right into her cheekbone.

"She then went back to L.A. and got married with a huge black eye! I said, 'It's appropriate. You're a world champion in seven different fighting styles. Of course you should get married with a black eye!'"