Carl Barat

Carl Barat

The Libertines star Carl Barat went several years without meeting up with his bandmate Pete Doherty prior to their reunion announcement on Friday April 25.

The British rockers split in 2004 after clashing over Doherty's drug abuse and they reunited to perform at Britain's Reading and Leeds festival in 2010.

On Friday, they announced plans to perform together once more in July (14) at a festival in London, and Barat admits he has not seen Doherty face-to-face in a long time.

He says, "I hadn't spoken to Peter much over the last few years. There seems to be something dormant about our relationship. We haven't met up face-to-face, we've just chatted on the phone".

The rocker plans to ignore Doherty's bad habits for the sake of the music, adding, "I've made the decision not to judge Peter on his personal habits. But when I spoke to him, he sounded grand (great). I have to let him be, I'm not going to change who he is. I think he's excited to be doing this... it's not my business. I don't want crack and heroin in my life. But I'm not going to be judging, I just want to make music".

He also hopes the performance in London will give them the opportunity to record new material, saying, "As much as money is a factor - there's a lot more to it... perhaps it will be a baby step to something else".

The Libertines will reunite at the British Summer Time Hyde Park event on 5 July later this year.

Other bands on the bill include The Pogues, Maximo Park, and Spiritualized.

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