Florence Welch claims a stolen cagoule "saved" her life.

Florence Welch

Florence Welch

The 'Say My Name' singer confessed she had an emotional breakdown following a year-long break away from the music industry, during which she was left heartbroken by the demise of a relationship, but believes a lightweight coat enabled her to bounce back.

Speaking about her recovery, she said she lived "like a monk" and wore the same outfit everyday, which was, "Leggings and this cagoule, which I stole from someone at a New Year's Eve house party. I wore it for a year. It saved my life."

However, the 28-year-old star - who is known for her quirky, vintage style - explained the life-changing effect of the garment, saying it enabled her to become anonymous when cycling between her house and her recording studio, as the outfit was uncharacteristic.

She told the Sunday Times newspaper: "Clothes to me are a way of distracting myself and I had nothing left, I wanted to be identity-less.

"I can always tell I'm getting better because I start coming back to myself."

However, now she has returned to release her third album, 'How Big How Blue How Beautiful', she has ditched the waterproof jacket and is re-assessing her appearance once again.

She said: "As I got more famous, a reaction to that was the eyebrows went bleached, the hair got redder. I wanted to become this fantasy creature. It was good because it kind of protected me. But I've spent a year or two unravelling all that stuff."

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