Gloria Hunniford's hand has been completely crushed by an angel.

Gloria Hunniford

Gloria Hunniford

Appearing on the 'Loose Women' panel today (20.04.15) with her hand in a cast, the 75-year-old TV presenter explained how a bronze angel statue she has in her house - which requires three men to lift - fell on her, as she tried to move it.

The weight of the ornament "completely crushed" the bone in her ring finger and the tendon is broken.

Speaking to her fellow panellists, Ruth Langsford, Coleen Nolan and Jane Moore, Gloria said: "It was stupidity on my part really. We have a couple of very tall angels. I love angels and this is the irony! They are made of bronze and it would take three men to lift one angel. It's really heavy and I stupidly thought I would waltz it across a couple of inches. A boy angel and a girl angel. It's the boy in this case that took me down ... It's one of those silly things. It's not like I was lifting them as I couldn't. I've moved them before. You have to take something good from something bad and had the angel (fallen) another way, I would have fallen back on my head and it would have crushed me right here (on my chest). So I'm lucky."

After getting injured, Gloria was taken to a plastic surgeon at East Grinstead Hospital, where she had a two-hour operation to repair her hand.

When she was asked by Jane how long her recovery would take, Gloria said: "Sadly four or five weeks ... I am right-handed as well. Would anyone like to help me dress and undress?"

Jane, 52, then suggested that Gloria should rename the statues 'Hell's Angels'.

Gloria replied: "I'll rename that one in particular!"