Gordon Ramsay is "soft on the inside" according to his daughter Tilly.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

The 'Hell's Kitchen' star's 14-year-old daughter is set to present her own kids cookery show 'Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch' on CBBC and has revealed that while her father may be famous for shouting and swearing on TV, her mum Tana is in charge at their house.

Introducing Gordon as "hard on the outside but soft and mushy on the inside", she said: "He is strict in a good way. I'd say Mum was stricter. Dad is all soft on the inside."

Speaking about her mother, she added: "She wears the trousers and is the only one dad's afraid of."

Tilly claims she enjoyed every minute of filming the new show and says her dad Gordon - who also has 14-year-old twins Jack and Holly and daughter Megan, 16, with Tana - has taught her everything she knows.

She told The Sun newspaper: "I love cooking and I love getting messy. I want people to enjoy food and have fun.

"I have been cooking for eight years now. I love it so much. Dad has taught me so much and given me so many tips on things like how to chop properly and taste food.

"But I definitely think I am the best cook! Mum and Dad are joint second!"

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