Kim Kardashian West thinks she dresses sexier now she's a mother.

Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star - who has 21-month-old daughter North with husband Kanye West - feels as though becoming a mother has given her the confidence to be more experimental with her style.

She said: "I mean at the beginning, when you're losing your pregnancy weight you don't really know how to dress, so that just doesn't count. You just dress as simple as possible.

"But I think since I've gotten in shape, and I feel good about myself, I dress I think sexier now than I did before."

Despite being more daring with her outfit choices now, the 34-year-old television personality has insisted she cares less about her makeup being flawless all the time because of the demands of being a mother to North and an auntie to Kourtney Kardashian's children Mason, five, Penelope, two and Reign, three months.

She told ELLE magazine: "I mean, I used to love to wear makeup all the time, and I still do, but at home, you know, you can't really kiss and snuggle and do everything you want to do ... it's just all bets go out the door when you're with your baby because anything could be spilled on you.

"And you just don't care, where I would've cared before I had my own children. Like if my nephew just came in and spilled something all over my couch, I would've been like 'Wait, Kourtney, hello, what are you doing, clean this up.' And now I'm like, 'I get it. I get it.' All moms have a past."