Jason Manford arrived 40 minutes late to his sell out gig in Lincoln.

Jason Manford arrived 40 minutes late to his sell out gig in Lincoln.

The audience at comedian Jason Manford's gig in Lincoln on Saturday received a generous treat from the star.

Manford bought a round of drinks for the entire crowd to apologise for being late to the show after he was stuck in traffic for 40 minutes.

His lateness ended up costing him £3,530 as the sell out crowd ran to the bar to take up his generous offer.

The comedian tweeted a picture of the bar receipt after the show, saying: 'Seemed like a good idea to offer free drinks because of lateness! But shoulda added Kopparberg to the banned list of drinks!'

Manford posted a message on Facebook announcing to the 835-strong crowd waiting for him at the Engine Shed venue that he was stuck in traffic. He wrote: 'Lincoln, I’ll be there in 25 minutes, go to the bar and get yourself a drink. I’ve spoke to the staff and bought you all a drink each to relieve the boredom till I arrive with my show! (Don’t be ordering double you cheeky bastards!)’

In this rare moment of celeb-generosity Manford gained a lot of respect from his fans on Twitter. Lucky audience member Lorna Sims Byrne (@MissLanor) wrote: 'Jason Manford is late for gig tonight cos of roadworks- so he is buying his whole audience a drink. No other artist would do that. Respect.'

Could this random act of kindness be the start of the latest celeb-craze? We hope so!

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