Pamela Anderson hopes she and Rick Salomon can be friends again in the future.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson

The former 'Baywatch' actress, who filed for divorce from the entrepreneur in February and secured a temporary restraining order against him last month, appeared in court in Los Angeles today (03.04.15) in a bid to get a judge to sign off on a permanent protection order.

But the 47-year-old star's case was put on hold until next month because she failed to serve her estranged husband with the required legal documents, according to gossip website

Following the hearing, the blonde beauty accused Rick of harassing her sons, Brandon, 18, and Dylan, 17.

Flanked by two bodyguards, she said: "He has been harassing my children, threatening to take their car."

The actress also claimed she has been unable to serve Rick with legal documents because he has been "on the run" since she filed for divorce.

She added: "He's acting very erratically which makes me very concerned. I'm concerned about my safety and I'm concerned about the safety of my kids, and their emotional safety too. He has been harassing them, he has been sending nude pictures to my driver that I didn't know he had, that he taken of me without my knowledge. And he is using that to blackmail me."

Pamela and Rick first tied the knot in 2007 but had their marriage annulled two months later.

The pair then rekindled their relationship and remarried in 2014, with Pamela filing for divorce six months later before asking the judge to dismiss her petition.

Explaining her decision to stay with him last year, she said: "He got sober, I tried to give him another chance. I always see the good in people. I still think there is good in Rick. I think this is all about ego, it's about money. I think it's about all the wrong things, and I just really want him to get well and be a good parent, and to end up being friends in the end. We were friends first and I wish him all the best."

Asked if she would ever consider taking him back again, she said: "No. There was no romance anyway."

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