'Made In Chelsea' star Spencer Matthews finds it easy to be a loyal boyfriend now he's stopped drinking.

Spencer Matthews

Spencer Matthews

The 25-year-old lothario has admitted that boozing used to make him "randy", but now he's been sober for three months it's no issue for him to stay faithful to his girlfriend Lauren Hutton.

In an interview on 'This Morning', Spencer said: "I have a wonderful girlfriend. I'm very happy, very in love. I haven't had a drink for three months today, and, I suppose, my behavioural changes have been affected by the no drinking."

He then asked host Phillip Schofield: "Don't you get randy when you're drunk?"

To which Philip replied: "Yeah, but I don't do it on TV!"

Spencer laughed and then added: "I think the no drinking is definitely a positive for me and a good thing in my life."

The first episode of the new series of 'Made in Chelsea' aired on E4 last night (13.04.15) and saw a focus on eight new faces, who Spencer's ex-girlfriend Louise Thompson described as "more options".

Jamie Laing agreed that getting new members of cast introduced to the show is "exciting".

He told Phillip and Amanda Holden: "I think what's great about our show is that we're friends with everyone, so the new characters aren't just random people who come on, so it is quite exciting when new faces come on. We do argue, but we've known each other for years, and we've grown up together."