Let the festivities begin with laughter, joy, and all things sweet to cherish forever. Gift your beloved a special something that will not only be precious but also of great utility.  



Let us look at the 15 coolest gifts that will make your beau as happy as Larry.

A premium dual-use vaporizer - This innovative, dual-use DaVinci IQ2 Premium Vaporizer is crafted to perfection that gives out cooler vapor, enhanced flavor and precision control for the user. With Clean First technology, this cool device comes with a 10mm bubble adapter, 0.2 dosage pod, 9 Pieces Organic Cottons, 1 Ceramic Extract Tab, USB Charging Cable, Pick Tool, 9 Alcohol Wipes. This vaporizer is perfect for the ultimate cannabis inhaling experience. It also has a dosage tracker.

Foldable Bluetooth keyboard - This keyboard is truly a wonder of technological development. Your beau can carry it anywhere because it is lightweight and portable. This small wonder is for those who are always on the go and have to work at the same time.

Loud bike bells - This one is specially designed for people who love to travel on bikes. The loud horn is the best safety accessory you can gift your beau this Christmas.

Jacket to control phone - What? Yes, the reaction is quite reasonable because who can think of a jacket that can control the phone right? This thoughtful gift will light up the face of your beau because he will be able to take a picture, change songs, look at notifications, or even call you up by tapping on the jacket. Cool, isn't it?

Hand Held Vacuum
Hand Held Vacuum

A handheld vacuum - Help your beau to clean his car by gifting this well-thought-out present. Men usually hate vacuuming, but with this one, they will love it because this small vacuum cleaner has made tough jobs easier. It takes less than a minute to clean a messy area with this tool that is so cool.

Action camera - The picture quality of this amazing little camera is beyond comparison. It can be your boyfriend's go-to option for capturing precious moments of your lives.

Coffee maker - Your coffee lover beau will adore this beautiful present and remember you every morning. Waking up to a great cup of steaming coffee is one of the best things that make romantic chilly mornings so awesome. Let your senses dive in the rich smell of freshly pressed coffee beans because, okay, let us be honest coffee makes life beautiful and fresh.

Massage gun - Is your beau a fitness freak? He will absolutely fall in love with this present because post-workout muscle pain can be pretty debilitating. This massager will help him to relieve soreness in the muscles. An intense workout can give rise to muscle tears; this massager is perfect for the fastest muscle recovery.

An ultra-slim, but super spacious backpack - This is a backpacker's perfect companion. The bag looks small and flat but, once you open it up, there will be room for a 15-inch laptop, water bottle, and other things that your beau might want to carry. The chic looking bag is handy yet sturdy and affordable. Traveling becomes way easier when you have this bag with enough space.

A projector that fits in a pocket - Can your beau think of a projector that can be easily carried in your pocket? No, right? This ultimate gadget for entertainment lovers is easy to carry around. May it be a road trip or a simple house party, with this projector you can make it big! By big we mean, you can enhance the movie-watching experience, feel like you are in theatre all because of this mini projector.

A gadget for craft-beer lovers - No need to run to the pub anymore! Gift this cool gadget to your beau and surprise him like never before. This gadget is interesting because he can get the refreshing taste of cool draught beer on the go, whether at work or home.

A personal vaporizer - This loose leaf vaporizer will blow your treasured one's mind. The  DaVinci MIQRO Personal Vaporizer is loaded with features that can enhance your overall cannabis experience . The medical-grade materials used on this device make it a premium vaporizer that is so desirable by cannabis enthusiasts. It is compact, sexy, and luxurious. People who like to enjoy micro-doses of cannabis can never find anything as good as this one. It comes with a USB charging cable, an accessory Kit, an extended mouthpiece, and a rechargeable battery.

A smart weighing machine - The machine is more than just a weighing machine. It can be paired with the smartphone to keep a tab on the body weight, bone mass, water retention, body fat, and more. This lovely gadget is a lovely present for your beau who is trying to make a healthy change in his lifestyle or has an inclination towards a healthy life.

Noise canceling headphones
Noise canceling headphones

Noise-canceling headphones - When you cannot think of a gift that can prove to be invaluable to your beloved, just close your eyes and invest in a good noise-canceling headphone. There is nobody in the world who does not like a good pair of noise-canceling headphones. Let your beau find contentment in the world of music. Sometimes we need that perfect pair of headphones that can alienate us from the world; you know what we mean.

A smart tool for grooming - Even a man needs to groom themselves. So, gift your beau a body hair trimmer that will trim the unnecessary body hair with precision. The blades feel soft on the skin, and the hair can be trimmed comfortably, no need to worry about nicks or cuts. These come in handy and can be carried anywhere; this one requires a little space in the travel kit. The best part is these trimmers are water-resistant. So, your beau can use them while taking a bath.