Royal reporters and journalists will have flown over to Morocco over the weekend, to follow the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their three-day itinerary.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are currently in Morocco

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are currently in Morocco

The couple will travel back to London on Tuesday, meaning they will have a little time to themselves, in which they could explore Morocco for themselves.

But what does the North African country have to offer? The official languages of the country are Arabic and Berber, but French is also very commonly used amongst citizens, government institutions, and the media. This, along with the geographical location bordering the atlantic ocean, makes Morocco are country rich in culture and civilisation.

So, with strong traditions quite far from our own, what is on offer for holiday makers in Morocco?

Here are seven things you can enjoy whilst in Morocco.


Morocco’s mouth watering cuisine is quite like no other. If you have a palette that love subtle spices, then their combination of Andalusian Spanish, Arabian and French influences will no doubt be right up your street.

For breakfast, try B’ssara. It’s a traditional soup made of dried broad beans, with a swirl of olive oil, a touch of cumin and a side of fresh bread.

A traditional dish served during the holy month of Ramadan is Harira. At sunset when the fast is broken, it is usually done so with this speciality soup, rich with tomatoes, lentils, chickpeas, lamb. A squeeze of lemon juice and chopped coriander finishes it off, along with a sweet pretzel, or chebakkiya.

And of course, you couldn’t go to Morocco without trying their couscous, or Seksu. The fine wheat pasta which is traditionally rolled by hand is steamed over a stew of meat and vegetables, and served together with a bowl of buttermilk - a Berber tradition.

Flea and Street Markets

The Moroccon flea and street markets are vibrant, colourful, and energetic, and showcase the bustle of the country. If you love being in the centre of a lively, busy environment, then you must visit a market in Morocco.

Some of the most highly rated are Marrakech Souk, Jemaa el-Fnaa and Rue Bab Doukkala Market. They’re also very Instagram-worthy...

Desert Tours

A popular tourist attraction in Morocco is going on a desert excursion. There are so many different tours - whether you just want to spend one day, or if you fancy a three-nighter, there is something for everyone.

Morocco falls into the Sahara desert, the largest hot desert in the world. The idea of going on a desert tour can be quite scary to some, but when you explore the photos of the beautiful natural land that have been captured, most would quickly change their minds. There are some truly stunning sights to be seen on a desert tour.  

Atlas Mountains Tour

Another very popular tourist spot in Morocco is the Atlas Mountains. The Maghreb Mountain range stretches along 2,500 km through Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

There’s plenty to explore in these stunning mountains, too. If you’re adventurous enough, you could climb North Africa’s highest peak, or go and discover the regions ancient Berber civilisation.

You could explore the range either by foot or by 4x4 on one of the many excursion tours available.

Quad Biking

And whilst on the topic of 4x4s, everybody’s favourite holiday activity, quad biking, is super popular over in Morocco, too. Why? Because there are so many amazing spaces to go wild on a quad.

If a three-night desert excursion isn’t your thing, just spend a day there zipping around on a quad. You’re never too old to enjoy rallying around in a quad!

Camel Riding

The fascinating animal which comes to mind when we think of Morocco is, of course, the camel.

They can go ten times longer than any other animal without water, meaning they can survive trekking the desert for days. And for a very reasonable price, you can trek with them through the dunes.

It’s one of the oldest methods of transport known to man, and one that is still used in the desert to this day.

Camel trekking is a great way to experience just a small taste of the fascinating culture within Morocco.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

So you can’t decide what activity is best for you? How about taking a hot air balloon ride and having a birds eye view of them all?

Watch the sunrise with a glass of champagne whilst floating up in the sky, overlooking the Sahara Desert or the Atlas mountains… or both.

Morocco has many hidden gems within its culture and geography that are well worth the experience. Oh, and the weather is always amazing.

What more could you want?

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