We are half way through the season now and we are in second place in the league, 3 points away from the leaders- Arsenal.

I’m really excited for what 2020 brings and I feel very optimistic about how the rest of our season pans out until May.

The weekly schedule is decided by when our game is, if we have a game on a Sunday, the week will look something like this:

Caroline Weir

Caroline Weir

Sunday - Match day 

Monday - We will have a team meeting in which we will analyse the match. We look at video footage and discuss how well we implemented tactics and what needs to work. 

Afterwards we'll have lunch and then do a recovery session. This involves cycling, stretching and contrast baths.

Tuesday - This is our second day recovery and will be a day off. This is for additional rest and recovery. 

Wednesday AM - Technical and tactical session in which we get our legs going again.

PM - In the gym for a strength session following an individual programme. 

Thursday - Technical pitch session followed by an upper body session. 

Friday- Technical session. Here we work on specifics related to positions and gameplay.

Saturday- This is the day before game day so we have a light technical session in the morning and then fully rest for the afternoon and evening in which our minds are fully focused on the game ahead.

Sunday - Match day! 

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