Founded by childrenswear designer Amanda Rabor, Mini Mode is the multi brand children’s runway show during London Fashion Week. Created to empower and help children to improve their self-esteem, whilst contributing a new business and sustainable fashion model for the UK industry that promotes inclusivity on every level.

Mini Mode will take place on Saturday 14th September, 2019 at St Mary’s, in Wyndham Place, London. To buy tickets please visit:

Can you tell us a little bit about Mini Mode and the vision behind the shows?

Mini Mode was really born out of a passion for the UK, kids and the kids fashion market. I love it. I love the way the internet and Social Media have made the world smaller and created room for individual creativity to be expressed. My vision is to create something for the UK Children’s Industry Market but also something special for the Consumer fashion experience. The vision is just getting started!

What makes Mini Mode unique to other children's fashion shows in London?

Mini Mode is all about children’s fashion. I’ve had my own brand, and it’s through developing my brand that led me to wanting to create a specialist fashion show just for kids. I also wanted to create something for families to attend and have the ‘See now, buy now’ experience which will finally be available for the Consumer Shows on September 14th. People can literally see a design at the show, and buy the look if the Designer is selling direct on the day.

The Saturday event is open to the public. It will feature the latest collections, as well children’s entertainment and Kid’s DJs. What can the public expect by attending the event?

It’s such a fun, family filled entertaining show. My aim is to make people ‘feel good’ and have a shared experience with us. I love it when people talk about the show once they’ve attended. It stays with them for a long time. Pretty much everything is powered by the kids at the Consumer Show.

What has been the biggest challenge for you in organising this year’s Mini Mode show?

This is the second and thankfully last show of the year and one thing I’ve learnt as I enter Season 4, is that each season has brought completely different challenges but that the challenges make me grow. So I try to look at ‘challenges’ as learning experiences which of course is really hard when you’re going through them. The show grew very fast so this year has been about putting technological infrastructures into place to make things easier. This season sees the launch of our web app. So far so good.

Are there any childrenswear designers you’d love to show at Mini Mode in the future?

Omgosh, now that would be telling…..There are so many incredible kids brands around the world and it always amazes me when I see how creative people can be with their collections. I love showcasing those types of brands. Individual, creative and unique. We were lucky enough to showcase Karl Lagerfeld in Season 3. That was so special because it was his first kids show in the UK and it happened just before we lost him.

Mini Mode helped to launch the modelling career of children from different backgrounds. This year you announced the first Mini Mode global official ambassadors. How do you select them and how can children apply to model for Mini Mode?

I’m so proud of the careers we’ve played a little part in launching. I love our Designers but I equally love the kids and the way they develop in confidence through doing the shows. Mini Mode holds at its core inclusive and diverse representation of human beings. We announced the Brand Ambassadors and the Global Brand Ambassadors because the kids wanted to show appreciation to us and we wanted to let them share their experiences and personal stories to a wider audience. Some of these kids are truly inspirational. They deserve to be heard.

I’ve got to say, this season’s model call is CLOSED but it’ll be open again in October for Season 5. We announce on Social Media and it’s literally open for ALL kids.

This will be Mini Mode’s fourth season runway, in just two years you have already expanded the event to span over two days and moved to a bigger venue. What are your next plans for Mini Mode now that you proved it is here to stay?

Thank you! The next year will see some very exciting things being announced. The funny thing with life is that you never really know what’s around the corner. Watch this space...

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