Social media is home to the most hilarious and also the most bizarre of posts. Whether it's on Instagram or Twitter, for good or for bad, these celebrities have certainly made their mark on the internet.

Let's start with the seven worst celebs on social media...

Katie Hopkins

Known for her outrageously outspoken behaviour on Twitter, Katie Hopkins had to be top of this list.

Katie’s antics first became a trending topic when she appeared on a number of This Morning debates declaring she judges children by their names, defending the idea of a parent missing a child’s birthday, and stating that she wouldn’t employ a fat person.

Of course, everybody is entitled to their own opinion and her controversial comments were quite comical at the time. But, since her This Morning appearances her opinions have become more shocking and more unapologetically politically incorrect.

Piers Morgan

The Good Morning Britain host manages to cause a stir on social media almost every day. From his unlikely friendship with Donald Trump to his meltdowns over veganism on morning TV – Piers Morgan seems to be constantly causing an uproar.

He’s a character we love to hate, though. Even if you absolutely loathe him, you’ve got to admit, he is so ridiculous it can, at times, be quite funny…

Kanye West

Kanye’s Twitter rants can sometimes be quite concerning, so he’s not on this list because we don’t like him, but because his use of social media is often quite confusing.

Frequently sparking Twitter wars with other celebrities, Kanye rants tend to throw shade at other big names in the media – usually quickly backed up by wife, Kim Kardashian. If he’s not beefing with another artist, he’s asking Mark Zuckerberg for money. Bizarre.

Donald Trump

When you think of terrible tweeters, Donald Trump must be one of the first people that comes to mind. The President of the United States has used social media to promote himself, his brand and his party for many years, and his tone has remained the same the whole time.

His shouty rants, name-calling and rather childish insults often make us do a double take to check that he actually just said that – not exactly what you’d expect from the man who oversees the most powerful country in the world.

Logan Paul

Logan Paul was once an admired role model on social media – making entertaining videos for his huge audience of YouTube subscribers. But he quickly went from hero to zero after he posted a shocking video in which he visited an infamous ‘suicide forest’ in Japan. Yes – you read that right.

The video was taken down by YouTube and many people chose to boycott his brand – but not before the footage had already received almost 600,000 views.

Alan Sugar

Alan Sugar is another controversial character who gets people talking on Twitter. You’ll usually find him in the middle of a dispute on social media (his Twitter rival, Piers Morgan, who also made it onto this list) or offending people with his rather distasteful ‘jokes’.

Remember that time he mistakenly retweeted a photo of prolific serial killer Harold Shipman, when prankster Pete Price asked him to wish his 'dad' a happy birthday? Oops...

A lesson for all who don't think before they tweet!

Lily Allen

We love her music, but her Twitter rants are not as highly rated as her hit singles.

In the past, she’s been branded a ‘snowflake’ for her political comments and has sparked outrage with her random comments that trivialise serious issues – like banning football to protect children from sexual abuse.

Though she probably had good intentions, it didn’t come across so well on Twitter.

She’s recently written a book and finished her No Shame tour, so thankfully she’s now using her platform to promote these things instead.

But social media isn’t just an online hub of offensive rants, some of the funniest and most inspiring posts are uploaded by our favourite celebrities. Of course, we saved the best until last.

Here are our seven best celebrities on social media.

Ryan Reynolds

The Deadpool star has become a favourite for many on the internet. He’s a repeat offender for using Instagram to troll wife, Blake Lively, but their online bickering makes for social media gold. We’ll just leave these here…

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Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.

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Blake Lively

The other half to the A-List power couple doesn’t let her husband get away with the hilarious posts…

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Happy Birthday, baby.

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Kim Kardashian

Whether you like her or not, Kim Kardashian is an internet sensation – after all, she set out to break it in 2014 with her shoot for Paper magazine.

Kim has used Instagram to allow her fans to get an insight to her crazy Kardashian lifestyle - sharing photos and videos of her amazing A-list antics and family fun.

We just love her stories of daughter North’s tantrums over make-up.

It’s fair to say that Kim K has nailed the use of social media to promote herself and her brand.

Ariana Grande

As one of the most followed people on Instagram, sitting a commendable fourth on the list, Ariana uses her account to promote her new music, videos and her positive message to her huge audience of fans.

She’s become a role model for young women and girls, so it’s no surprise she has over 141 million followers!

James Blunt

The You’re Beautiful singer uses his immense wit to fire comebacks at fans and trolls on Twitter, one by one. There’s not a single one-liner he has used that hasn’t made us giggle at our smartphones.

Here are few notable moments…


So, the bakery chain is not a celebrity as such, but we couldn’t leave them off this list given recent circumstances.

After Twitter went into overdrive last week over the new vegan sausage roll, Greggs’s PR and social media team were applauded as outstanding.

This tweet caused a lot of people to celebrate whoever oversees their Twitter account.

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan has managed to simultaneously be one of the best and worst users of social media on this list. Why? Because although he has his outrageous outbursts, he does also provide serious entertainment.

It's hard to deny the fact that he used his platform to accidentally help the vegan sausage roll take off.

There are not many people who haven’t had a taste of the cruelty-free pastry, and combined with a fantastic effort from Greggs themselves, Piers’s use of social media really helped it to accidentally take off. Congrats.

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