You might think that you shouldn't have to tell people not to walk around with a blindfold on because it's dangerous, but apparently you do. Netflix has been forced to issue a disclaimer warning people not to imitate the characters in their popular new horror flick in a new craze called the Bird Box Challenge.

Photo Credit: Kirill Balobanov/Unsplash

Photo Credit: Kirill Balobanov/Unsplash

YouTuber Morgan Adams has already reached 2.4 million views with her 24 Hour Bird Box Challenge video, and while it seems harmless, there are people out there who are likely to take it to the next level. The joke will soon be over when somebody gets hit by a car.

Still, it's perhaps still not as stupid as some of these previous internet challenges:

1. Tide Pod Challenge

We're struggling to think of a dumber challenge than this one. Despite the fact that Tide Pods are completely toxic to the human body, at the beginning of the year, teenagers in their droves started purchasing the laundry detergent packets and chowing down. Some of them even cooked them first, before filming themselves choking on the chemical tablets.

2. Fire Challenge

This stunt first appeared back in 2012, but it resurfaced again in 2014. It's fairly self-explanatory: thrill-seeking participants douse themselves in flammable liquid and set themselves alight. Naturally, the result was a lot of second and third degree burns. It's still unclear what many of the participants originally expected the outcome to be.

3. Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

People were sooo desperate to mimic Kylie Jenner's plump lips in 2015 that the trend of an injection-free temporary solution quickly took over the internet. It involves placing a shot-glass over the lips and sucking out the air to create a vacuum. Leave it there long enough and you walk away with swollen lips... Which, needless to say, look nothing like Kylie Jenner's. It sounds relatively harmless, but it can easily cause bruising, blistering and infection, not to mention permanent damage to the sensitive lip tissue.

4. Neknominate

Binge-drinking isn't strictly an internet thing, of course, but this challenge took irresponsible consumption of alcohol to the Nth degree. It originally started out quite tame: nominating your friends to down (or "neck") a pint of beer. But people started getting more creative, and when you gulp down a pint of vodka instead, the effect's not quite the same. The increasinly elaborate drinking dares apparently led to at least four deaths in the UK.

5. Cinnamon Challenge

Another one that sounds like it would be harmless next to something like the Tide Pod challenge. After all, cinnamon is perfectly edible, right? Unfortunately, when you're trying to swallow a teaspoon of ground cinnamon powder in under a minute, you are going to end up coughing... A lot. And with coughing comes sharp inhalations which can lead to lung problems like asthma attacks, emphysema or worse.

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