As BlizzCon 2019's opening ceremony rolled on, World of Warcraft players got their first glimpse at the game's next big expansion, subtitled Shadowlands.

A cinematic (above) showed Sylvanas doing battle with the Lich King, eventually getting the better of him and stealing the crown from his head. Whilst we've always been told that there has to be a Lich King in the world at every point, Sylvanas shocked us all when she split the crown in half rather than placing it on her own dome.

Claiming ultimate power, Sylvanas is looking to wipe the world of its population, saying that "the world is a prison" when she's warned of how the crown will claim her soul.

If gamers are to stand a chance, they must travel to the Shadowlands and help bring her down.

New zones called Ardenweald, Bastion, Maldraxxus, Revendreth and Torghast were revealed, as players are invited to travel to the land of the dead (the Shadowlands), finding out the fates of fallen heroes and familiar faces along the way.

There was also the reveal of a new game mechanic called a Covenant, which players will be able to choose upon their arrival in the Shadowlands.

Photo Credit: Blizzard Games
Photo Credit: Blizzard Games

We'll bring you more information surrounding Shadowlands as and when we get it! Release will be in 2020, with pre-orders opening up this weekend.

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