It’s the third Monday of January and the most depressing day of the year, nicknamed Blue Monday. Apparently, this is because we are all running out of money (January is a financially difficult month for money), the weather is miserable, and we’ve given up on our New Year’s Resolutions.

Blue Monday on Female First

Blue Monday on Female First

However, it’s now being speculated whether Blue Monday is actually a thing or whether it is just a PR stunt, a self-fulfilling prophecy, and opportunity in which big brands and companies can use capitalise.

Whether it is true or not, we’re still going to get involved in the Instagram giveaways…

And, if you are struggling today with the January Blues more than usual, we have put together all the social media giveaways so you can have your chance at winning some freebies too!

Gordon Castle Gin

Fancy a free bottle of gin?

Gordon Castle Gin are giving away a bottle – it’s worth a RT!

Konditor and Cook

How about these yummy brownies? Can’t say no…

Boux Avenue

These are the kind of freebies we like to see… Luxury lingerie? Yes please…


A free £50 voucher sounds good to us!


The budget supermarket have also jumped on the bandwagon – you can win a £10 voucher if you get involved in this one.

Sun Sense

If your skin needs some lovin’ then you may as well give it a go!

Nature’s Finest

How about some free food?


Or a voucher towards a flight?


Check out this bundle that Boots are giving away!

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